Where is Relay located? Does Relay have runs available near me?

Where is Relay located? Does Relay have runs available near me?

Relay is currently located in several cities and states across the country. To see if Relay has rolled out to your area, please download the Relay On Demand app to your smartphone and create a driver account.
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    • What type of work and runs are available?

      On the Relay Network, there are local, regional, and OTR runs available. The freight is no-touch, and consist of live loads/unloads or drop & hooks.
    • Are there weekend runs available?

      Yes, there are weekend runs available that gets posted by carriers throughout the week. If you are looking for weekend runs specifically, be sure to keep an eye out on the app to see when runs are posted so you can accept one!
    • Who's truck do I drive as a driver on the Relay Network?

      As a driver on the Network, you will drive the trucks of the carriers that place the orders. After accepting a run, you will drive to the carrier's yard, park your car there, and use their truck & trailer for the run. 
    • Is there enough consistent work for me to do Relay full-time?

      Yes, there is plenty of work available for drivers looking to work full-time. You can choose to sign up for weekly dedicated routes, or accept singular runs daily on the app to keep yourself working as much as you'd like.
    • Is Relay 1099 or W2?

      You can do either with Relay, although it all depends on what the carriers in the area are looking for. A majority of the carriers are looking for 1099 drivers, and a majority of drivers opt for 1099.